About Toni

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About Toni

  • 1999- BA (Hons) Interior Design. Manchester Metropolitan University 
  • 1999-2003 Exhibition Designer
  • 2002 Sailed from Wales across the Bay of Biscay around the Mediterranean and over the Atlantic to the Caribbean
  • 2004 Set up an Exhibition design department within a graphic design agency
  • 2004 Founder partner of Space Dimensions Limited.
  • 2006 Acquired the architectural practice BDC Designs to become Space BDC
  • 2010 Sold all shares in Space BDC
  • 2011 We were blessed with twin boys. A and B.
  • 2011- date. Toni Horsfield Designs

My career highlights have definitely included seeing our work on various TV shows; 

  • BBC 1, Northwest Tonight. December 2016
  • BBC 2, Peter Jones meets.. June 2013
  • BBC 1, Northwest Tonight. April 2013
  • BBC 3, Up For Hire Live, December 2011
Another career highlight was being asked in 2014 to develop and grow what has become the Clean Environments brand for Moorfield Nanotechnology. This is a long-running project and one that I am still proudly part of. 

And highlight number three was being asked by galleries in London and New York no less, if I would show my work in their spaces!   
I happily combine my creative and technical design skills to help people create a world in which their physical space inspires and enables them to be at their best.