This biophilic inspired light box brought a dark corner to life in a Manchester office.

Do you want improved productivity, creativity and morale in your office? How about greater concentration, staff retention and better overall employee wellbeing?

Studies have shown that introducing elements of biophilic design into an office can have these results.

In essence, biophilia refers to the innate affinity of human beings with the natural world, it’s that instinctive bond we have with nature that draws us to explore the outdoors and crave it when we are cooped up inside.

But why and how does it impact the workplace?

Well, experts have been banging on about the benefits of biophilic design for a while now and, sure enough, we are starting to see elements of nature being reflected in corporate working environments across the globe in the form of green walls, indoor water features, wooden design details, furniture using natural materials such as wool and cotton, and much more. Indeed, Amazon is planning its own biodome! Anyway, while some think the addition of a few pot plants will do the trick, it’s actually much more complex than that and aspects to consider include access to natural daylight, utilisation of outside space, introducing colour, providing a choice of work settings… and adding some plant life. So, fancy bringing some of the outdoors, indoors in your office? Here are a few easy ideas that won’t break the bank:

1. Artwork – choose some pictures that depict nature and remind you of the great outdoors through images, textures, colours and shapes

2. Plants and Flowers – introduce a variety of plants into the workspace, they can be real or fake, but just the sight of them can help reduce stress levels

3. Fresh air – the movement and circulation of air in an office can have a real impact on employee wellbeing so why not try strategically placed fans on a gentle, random setting to help mimic the sensation of sitting outdoors

4. Water – adding a water feature, aquarium or source of drinking water is a simple but the effective way of creating a calming working environment

5. Bird song – being in nature is a fully sensory experience and while visual cues are an obvious way to introduce elements of the outdoors into your workspace, sounds are equally important. Consider a nature inspired playlist to provide relaxing background noise to break the silence or office chatter