Office design

As a self confessed space planning nerd, I really enjoy the challenges of office design. It is through my work designing office spaces that I have been lucky enough to get some great TV exposure.

  • BBC 3, Up For Hire Live. December 2011
  • BBC 1, Northwest Tonight. April 2013.
  • BBC 2, Peter Jones Meets... June 2013.
  • BBC 1, Northwest Tonight, December 2016.

Toni did a brilliant job transforming the office. She understood exactly what I wanted and made it look even better than I imagined.

James Timpson OBE. Chief Executive. Timpson Limited.

Corporate office design is now fun, creative and funky but the real art of a great work space design is in getting the fundamentals correct. The space plans or office layout has to lead followed by the facilities and technical requirements. Getting these right are the secret of a brilliant work space. Then you can let your imagination run riot!

Great office design not only offers your staff and colleagues a stimulating place to work but creative office design also reinforces the brand values and promotes the companies culture.

UK Office design has been through a complete change over the last 15 years. We believe it is currently one of the most exciting areas of design. British businesses are realising the potential to improve productivity and employee retention through great office design.

We have transformed the offices of many great companies, here are just a few;