Halfords asked us to transform their Communal areas of the head office, in particular the reception, meeting rooms and cafeteria. 
After discussing a few different style opinions Halfords went for a literal translation of all the various product sectors in the business; Motor, cycling and leisure.
We did a few layout changes. Firstly we suggested moving the bike assembly team from the warehouse to the front of the building. A highly prominent position next to the main entrance and reception. This kind of Activity brings the products to life and adds a sense of experience and theatre to the space. 
Secondly we moved the reception so that it is The first thing that greats you as you enter the building. As it is setting the tone for the interior we used a car, an Austin Mini, as a desk. The flooring in this area resembles a road complete with white and yellow lines. The reception area has an internal atrium which gave us the opportunity to use a small peloton of topiary cyclists. 
We designed a few styles for the meeting rooms. The automobile meeting room is lined with Haynes manuals and matchbox cars. Representing the camping products We have an informal tipi conversation area with tree stump stools around a ‘fire pit’.
The cafeteria needed a change in layout to accommodate the growing work force. This is a large space and so we used VW camper van style trailers as booths to flexibly divide up the space. 
The work transformed the feel of the space from a generic office to the home of the Halfords brand. 

Following our work on the head office Halfords asked us to design the concept store for their automotive centres. Click here to see that design.