House of Make, Wilmslow, CHESHIRE. Head office for the Make Events group

The Rapidly expanding team needed a flexible meeting and office space with good transport links. We were brought in to see a few site options to advise on the layouts that could be achieved and ball park refurbishment costs for each site. Once the site had been selected we set about transforming the Founder; Holly Moore’s collection of ideas into reality.

Bringing the team together in one office was crucial to the move as were flexible meeting and training spaces. We have incorporated booth seating, an auditorium complete with DJ area, Fake Starbucks cafe, a Oprah Winfrey meeting room, a Tony Robbins meeting room, Kyle Minogue dressing room and a Hinch utility room.

The finished office space fully immerses you in the Make Events brand. Not only visually with the colours and graphics but the history of the company, the ambition of the group and the inspiration that has driven them to their current success. The office playlists, and the fresh coffee at the fake Starbucks cafe make sure that we touch every sense to bring the brand experience to life.