Sunnylands is the home to Timpson's Key and Locksmiths departments.

The key and locksmith colleagues had outgrown their space in Timpson House and so when a nearby building became available it was bought specifically for them to expand into. Our first job was to plan the space ensuring that each of the processes had the space and facilities required by those colleagues. Following this, we were able to have some fun and dedicate the building to the art of, well keys!.

The entrance features a ceiling void of flying keys which sets the tone for the rest of this bright and airy office, callcentre, meeting room and workshop. After consultation with the colleagues they asked for the toilets to be themed as a series of mini breaks. Why not. And so we designed the disabled WC is a trip to a ski resort, the gents WC is in the theme of the wild west and the ladies WC is a trip to the beach.