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The customer care department at the Timpson group is a close and supportive team. They can have some stressful conversations and so wanted a nurturing office space.

The office benefits from a lot of windows on two walls and although it is an urban area there are views of grass and trees which make a huge difference to the wellbeing of the colleagues.

The design used long banks of large desks, keeping the team together but not close enough to affect conversations. We also included a large break out area for the colleagues to take time away from their desks in a peaceful environment. We built in a walk-in storage area to keep the office clutter-free, again reducing stress.

As with the rest of Timpson house, the department picked a theme which united the team, the thread of their daily conversations. For customer care, this was their pets.

The main focus of the breakout area is a horsebox gin bar (used for tea and coffee 90% of the time) The horse box is surrounded by an oversized L shaped sofa in soft blush and planting bringing more biophilic goodness to the space. We even provided wellie stands for those who muck out the horses before work.

Fun animal graphics and a pin-up wall allows the colleagues to add photos of their own and friends pets alongside the daily notices.