A new use for the highstreet shop

Arkhive was a new idea for the high street. The concept was to offer ID services to the local community, as the government were implementing tougher laws on employing foreign nationals.

The idea was that the shop would also act as a meeting point and allow local freelancers to use it as a more social workspace. Arkhive provides meeting rooms that you can book, quiet corners to work through your emails and open areas where small groups can meet for a coffee. Their strapline of ‘Our office is your office’ really defines the relaxed atmosphere created.

The shop was long and thin in proportion and so we used diagonal lines on the flooring and echoed in the wooden ceiling pallet to lead you through the space. Large light boxes at the rear of the shop attracted users to move through to the rear coffee areas.

It was very exciting to work on such a radical Highstreet concept.