Flexible laminar flow booths, simply made to suit your process.

One of the products that we design, build and install at Clean Environments is the Clean Hood laminar flow hood (sometimes called a laminar flow cabinet) The Clean Hood provides a benchtop, ISO 5 working environment for your process. The design allows you to add features as your process and budget require.

Clean Hoods are a fantastic alternative to a walk-in cleanroom space as they require less PPE for your operators and a simpler cleaning protocol to maintain the space. If your process is benchtop I would urge you to consider a Clean Hood for your controlled environment.

We are very privileged to supply our equipment to some amazing projects. One that stands out for the Clean Hood is a research expedition on climate change. For this project, we flew a Clean Hood to the coast of Greenland, from there it was transported inland to the middle of the ice sheet to an extremely isolated research station to provide a contamination-free space for the scientists to analyse their ice core samples. Unfortunately, we are not able to go with them!